3 Ways To Remove A Dent Yourself

Posted on: 23 July 2015

Do you have a small dent in one of your car panels? Would you like to remove it without further damaging your car or spending a fortune? You may be able to remove it yourself with just a few household items. Often, small dents can pop back into shape with a combination of heat and cold.  You can create that dramatic change in temperature with some items from around your house or with items readily found at your local hardware store. Here are a few ways that you can remove a dent at home yourself:    

Dry ice 

Dry ice is an effective tool to use it because it can quickly cool down the surface of the car. Before using the dry ice, though, you'll need to heat up the surface. A good tool for that job is a hair dryer. You can use the hair dryer to quickly apply heat to the car. Just make sure you keep some distance between the hair dryer and the car's panel so you don't melt the paint.

Once you've heated up the surface, rub the dry ice over the dent. Be sure to wear gloves while you do this so you don't hurt your fingers. Keep alternating between the hair dryer's hot air and the dry ice until the dent pops back into place.

Compressed air 

If you don't have dry ice available, or if you're not comfortable handling it, compressed air could also do the trick. Again, you'll first need to heat the area with a hair dryer. Once the dent has been heated, spray the area with a can of compressed air. The high-powered blast of cold air will help help the dent expand and contract, eventually causing it to pop into place. Keep alternating the hair dryer and compressed air until you see results.

A plunger 

You can even use a simple plunger to get your dent into place. Again, it helps to heat the area first with a hair dryer, as that will cause the dent to expand and nudge it into position. Then place the plunger over the dent and simply push it back and forth just as you would with a clogged toilet. The pressure created by the plunger should help pull the dent back into position. Of course, this will only work if the dent is smaller than the plunger. You need the plunger to form a tight seal around the dent to create the air pressure necessary to do the job.

If none of these options work, or if you're not comfortable doing them yourself, visit a collision repair shop. They can quickly remove the dent and have your car looking perfect again.