How To Avoid The Damaging Effects Of Potholes

Posted on: 3 August 2016

Potholes are everywhere. Some of them you can avoid, and others you have no choice but to go through them and hope for the best. The problem is they can cause large amounts of damage that are too costly to repair. Here are four tips to avoid the damaging effects of potholes, when you know you can't avoid them.

Give Yourself Time

Driving at the speed limit and not tailgating will help you avoid potholes. While you may not be able to go around them, this time will give you the chance to slow down and tackle them at a safer speed. If you really must go through the holes, slow your car right down to protect your suspension. Treat it like going over a speed bump, where you have to slow to avoid future damage.

The speed limit on the road isn't something to aim for. Weather conditions and traffic can stop you from being able to drive at full speed. Slowing down will also help keep you safe, as well as your car protected.

Keep Your Tires at the Correct Pressure

Properly inflated tires aren't just beneficial for the fuel consumption. They keep your car protected and able to handle various road surfaces. Overinflating tires are just as bad as underinflated ones. Overinflating them takes the give out of the rubber, which is the part that protects the suspension. You're less likely to be able to bounce gently through the pothole when the tires aren't inflated at the correct pressure.

Avoid Large Amounts of Standing Water

Whether it is due to rain flooding or a burst water main, staying out of standing water will protect your car from potholes. Standing water can hide some of the deepest potholes, meaning you go through them at full speed without having any chance to react. Not only do you put your car at risk of damage, but you're put at risk of skidding and being involved in an accident.

Watch Other Drivers

Other drivers will give you a good idea if you are coming up to a pothole. Watch for them swerve for what seems like no reason and keep an eye on whether they dip in the road suddenly. This will give you the chance to slow down and go around where necessary. Always keep an eye out for other cars around you before you do go around the pothole. If you find it isn't safe to go around, slow down to tackle the hole at a safer speed.

The tips above will help you tackle potholes when you can't go round them. Driving safely and with care for those around you will help to avoid the damaging effects. If your car does get damaged, take it to an auto shop like Ohs' Body Shop's Inc for repairs.