3 Auto Body Repairs To Prepare To Sell Your Car And Get The Best Value

Posted on: 22 August 2016

Whether you want to sell your car because you are moving or want to trade it in for a new purchase, doing some maintenance can benefit you when the time comes. You may want to do things like change the oil and do a tune up. You may also want to do some auto detailing, which can include repairs to some of the small auto body damage that you care may have collected over the years. Here are some tips to help you with the auto body repairs before it is time to sell your car:

1. Fixing Damage To Lights, Mirrors, And Body Trim On Your Car

One of the most common and simple to repair issues with auto body damage is lights that have been busted or damaged. Sometimes, they can be so badly scuffed and scratched that the only solution is to replace them. They also need to be replaced if they have been busted due to hitting something. The light housings can be simple to change with a few tools. All you need to do is unplug the bulbs, remove the old housing and install a new one.

2. Replacing Bumper Covers, Door Parts, And Other Bolt-On Body Parts

Replacing bumper covers is another common issue that you may find. These are just to cover the crumple zone of modern cars and made to easily fall off in an accident. They can also come lose unexpectedly due to scraping on a curb or speed bump, and they may be reattached. If they are severely damaged or lost, they will have to completely be replaced. 

3. Repairing Paint Damage And Buffing To Blend Paint And Bring Back The Shine

Repairing paint is another important improvement that you may want to do for your car before you try to sell it. Sometimes, if you have done repairs that have involved replacing painted parts, they may not match the original paint. To blend the colors, you can have the paint buffed, which will also help bring back the new car shine and repair scratches on the paint that are only surface deep.

These are some tips that can help you with some of the auto body repairs that you need to have done before you sell your car. Some improvements may require professional help. You can contact an auto body repair shop, like Auto Body By Duie LLC, to help you with the repairs you cannot do on your own.