2 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Ignore The Dent In Your Car's Bumper

Posted on: 12 February 2019

Whether or not you bumped into something while pulling out of a parking space or was involved with a minor fender bender, your bumper may have a small dent in it. Because the damage seems minor, you may feel you can get away with not having it repaired. However, there are some reasons why you should never ignore a dent in your car's bumper.

1.  Greater Possibility of Extreme Damage to Your Vehicle

The primary job of your car's bumper is to serve as a shock absorber during any impact from an object or another vehicle. Because it takes the brunt of the impact, the bumper helps to prevent damage to your car during minor incidents.

However, if the bumper already has a dent in it, its strength is compromised and is no longer able to fully absorb even minor impacts. If you were to be rear-ended with anything other than light force, the body of your car would suffer greater damage to other parts of the body, including the fender wells and chassis.

2.  Possible Denial of Future Car Insurance Claims

One of the main reasons you may decide to forego having your car's bumper repaired after a minor incident is that you do not want to involve your insurance company in having it repaired. You may fear that a trivial claim could hike up your rates, so you decide to keep quiet about it and live with the damaged bumper.

However, neglecting to tell your insurance company about the damage could come back to haunt you if you are ever involved in a future accident. When the insurance adjuster inspects your car after the accident and finds that the bumper was previously damaged, they could try to deny that claim.

Because they do not have a record of the incident that dented your bumper, they also have no way of knowing what type of hidden damage was done to the vehicle. They may try to say any damage caused in a future accident was already there, causing you to lose out on reimbursement.

No matter if the dent in your bumper is small or large, you should have it looked at as soon as possible to avoid any unpleasant consequences in the future. Take your car to a shop that offers auto body repair services, like Sam's Automotive Reconditioning Center, so they can inspect the damage and discuss your options for either repairing or replacing your bumper.