The Advantages Of Adding A Vehicle "Bra" To Your Car's Front End

Posted on: 21 May 2021

If you just purchased a new sports vehicle, it is likely you want it to remain in the best of condition for as long as possible while you use it on the road and present its appearance to others. The addition of a vehicle "bra" has several advantages to help keep your vehicle looking like new for many years.

Scrapes, Scuffs, and Scratches are Less Likely to Occur

With the addition of a bra to your vehicle's front bumper, you have the peace of mind that the underlying metal, rubber, and glass are kept safer than when they are left exposed. If you happen to hit a parking block, guardrail, or another object at car level while at a slow speed, the possibility of damage to the vehicle where the bra covers it is less likely to occur. A vehicle bra provides a layer of protection between your car and others around it. If another vehicle taps the area where the bra is located, transferal or removal of paint to the front end will not occur at all. 

Your Vehicle's Look is Not at All Compromised

In earlier decades, car bras were constructed in a way where they were quite noticeable to those who viewed them. In recent years, however, logistics have changed which allows for the end product to be camouflaged. You still have the option of purchasing a colored vehicle bra if you wish, but there is also the opportunity to use clear bra protection so your vehicle's front-end appearance still shines through while protection is in place. 

Cleanup is a Breeze When a Bra Provides Protection

A vehicle bra not only protects your car from larger items but also keeps debris from causing damage to the areas it covers. This includes the buildup of pollen, insects, and the normal dirt and debris found on roadways. To clean your vehicle, simply remove the bra, scrub it well using an appropriate bra-cleaning agent, and rinse. The vehicle itself will only need minimal attention as the bra keeps your front end protected against debris accumulation.

If markings are visible on the areas where the edges of the bra were located, use a piece of microfiber cloth dipped in a mild cleaning agent to remove it with ease. To minimize the need for this action, keep a piece of microfiber cloth handy and rub it along the interior edges of the bra after you take your vehicle out on the road.