Restoring Your Vehicle After A Collision

Posted on: 5 October 2021

After a collision with another vehicle or object, there may be a number of repairs that your vehicle will need in order to be fully restored. Depending on the particular type of vehicle and the severity of these damages, there are a variety of repair techniques that may be used to restore your car.

Panel Replacements

In situations where the damage to one of the exterior panels of the vehicle is extensive, repairs may not be a viable solution. In these situations, the collision repair provider will likely need to remove the damaged exterior panel so that it can be replaced with a new one. While this can be among the more expensive repairs that you will have done to the vehicle, it will result in the exterior being fully repaired.

Paintless Dent Repair Solutions

Some of the dents that the vehicle suffers may be minor enough to be repaired with paintless dent repair solutions. These solutions will avoid the need for body filler to be used as the metal of the panel will be restored to its pre-damage condition. This is done through the use of suction systems that can gently pull the dent out of the exterior panel. Not surprisingly, this can be among the quick repairs that your vehicle may need after a collision. Furthermore, you can avoid the difficulties of matching the paint that covers the body filler with the rest of the car's exterior color.

Scratch Repairs

Scratches to the paint can be another issue that is likely to occur after a collision. When the exterior paint suffers scratches, it can be necessary to repair them in order to prevent extensive corrosion from developing. As a result of the corrosion protection that the paint provides, your vehicle should be taken to a collision center for repairs, even if the scratches were the only damages that it sustained. Fortunately, an experienced collision repair technician may be able to perfectly match the exterior paint of your car. This can allow for the scratches to be patched without the risk of the repairs being noticeable.

Glass Replacement

The forces that your vehicle's collision could have created may result in panes of glass breaking or cracking. This is particularly common with side collisions as the side windows could easily shatter from mild collisions. A collision repair provider will be able to fully replace these panes of glass as well as repairing any automated window controls that may have been damaged by the force of the impact.

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