Fixing Your Car After A Collision At The Body Repair Shop With An Experienced Auto Technician

Posted on: 8 June 2023

Experiencing a collision with another driver is horrifying, with the frustration naturally magnified when you end up with damage to your vehicle. If your car is unsafe to drive because of its current condition, you can have it towed to the body repair shop, where a technician will begin fixing all the damage for you.

Restoring the Condition of the Bumper

In many accidents, the bumper needs fixing because the impact of the collision caused it to become dented and cracked. If you have a dented bumper with cracks and other damage, the auto repair technician may start the repair process by pulling out any dents, filling in cracks with a durable, car-safe material, and applying a fresh coat of car paint to the bumper. The technician would need to ensure the color used on your bumper matches the color of your car so that it doesn't stand out or look odd after it gets fixed.

Fixing Doors and Straightening the Frame

It's quite common for the frame of a vehicle to get thrown off balance in an accident. And if you were involved in a t-bone collision, you probably have some level of damage to the doors, whether on the passenger or driver's sides. Before fixing the doors, the technician can focus on straightening the frame so that it's correctly aligned before handling any imperfections with your vehicle's doors. If there is extensive damage to the doors, the original ones may need to get removed from the frame and replaced with an identical set. However, if fixable, the technician can handle issues like dents, paint chips, and damage to the door handles.

Installing New Windows

The collision that happened may have left you with damaged windows preventing you from seeing clearly. If you can't see well from the windshield because of large cracks and shattered pieces, the technician can carefully remove all bits and pieces of broken glass, measure out the piece needed for your vehicle, and then install a new glass windshield.

When you need any other work done to your vehicle because of a collision, such as headlight replacements, new trim, and rim replacements, the auto technician can do the job to get you back into your car within a reasonable time.

A collision can leave you with a damaged vehicle that isn't safe to drive. If you're in this situation, bring your car to an auto collision repair service center to have it worked on.