2 Signs Your Carburetor Is In Need Of Work

Posted on: 3 August 2016

Almost all cars manufactured through the late 1980s used carburetors as their primary method of fuel delivery. In other words, many people still own automobiles with carburetors--carburetors that often begin to experience age-related problems. If your car contains a carburetor and you would like to learn more about identifying potential problems, read on. This article will discuss two signs that your carburetor may be experiencing problems. The engine experiences hard starting when cold. [Read More]

How To Avoid The Damaging Effects Of Potholes

Posted on: 3 August 2016

Potholes are everywhere. Some of them you can avoid, and others you have no choice but to go through them and hope for the best. The problem is they can cause large amounts of damage that are too costly to repair. Here are four tips to avoid the damaging effects of potholes, when you know you can't avoid them. Give Yourself Time Driving at the speed limit and not tailgating will help you avoid potholes. [Read More]

How To Patch Fiberglass Holes

Posted on: 2 August 2016

Most cars have several components on the auto body that are made out of fiberglass. This is beneficial to car owners because fiberglass is a relatively easy product to repair. You can buy a simple fiberglass repair kit at most home improvement or auto body stores. These simple kits include everything you need to fix small holes, dents and dings in a fiberglass auto surface. This article explains how to use a kit to make a professional looking patch. [Read More]

Tips For Using Sodium Bicarbonate To Strip The Paint From Those Auto Body Panels

Posted on: 26 December 2015

When you need to strip paint from a large body panel or an entire car, you might decide that sandblasting is your best choice. It's efficient, effective and affordable. In fact, if you want something gentle to strip the paint, you should consider using sodium bicarbonate as your blasting material. It's a gentle powder instead of granules like many other materials. What Exactly Is Sodium Bicarbonate? Sodium bicarbonate is a common household product that is more widely referred to as baking soda. [Read More]